Pentecost Events Gracefully Concluded Across Churches in the United States

From May 18th to 19th, churches across the United States shared abundant grace through Pentecost events. These events took place in various locations, St. Louis, Missouri including New York, Nashville, Georgia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more.

This year’s Pentecost events particularly focused on evangelizing new believers. In St. Louis, they collaborated with Jubilee World Fellowship to actively invite local residents and students through street outreach and busking. They also held Pentecost worship services, worship concerts, prayer meetings, and enjoyable fellowship times. During the Pentecost sermon, Pastor Anthony explained that the Holy Spirit came upon the earth and was poured out on all people. Whether young or old, rich or poor, male or female, the Spirit is given equally. He emphasized that this is the immense grace given after the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He reminded the congregation that we could not receive the Holy Spirit before; it was only given to certain people chosen by God. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, the veil was torn, allowing us to enter the Most Holy Place with Him and making heavenly things accessible to us through Him.

In Washington D.C., a three-day retreat provided a period of deep meditation on the Pentecost message and focused prayer. Pastor Gloria Li delivered a poignant message that resonated with the congregation, emphasizing the unwavering hope that believers receive in their spiritual journey, anchored by the grace of Jesus Christ and the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. Her concise yet impactful sermon opened the hearts of attendees, marking a fitting start to the Pentecost celebrations. Members testified to experiencing the Holy Spirit’s grace during the retreat.

Nashville also held a gracious Pentecost worship service and concert. Sister Rachael, a newly evangelized member who helped prepare the worship team, received many blessings from participating in the Pentecost Worship Night. She expressed her intention to continue attending Sunday services, join the worship team, and start a Bible study.

Derrick, who prepared for and attended the Pentecost service, shared, “The Bible study lessons really reminded me of how weak we are without the power of the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit’s power, we can overcome our flesh and carry out God’s will for our lives. We say that during this Pentecost season we want to receive the Holy Spirit, but actually, we have already received it. The truth is that many of us need to be refilled and refreshed with the Holy Spirit. If we live according to our own ways, even while seeking to do mission, our fruits will sour. I was really encouraged during this time to seek more of the Holy Spirit’s power and to trust God for His plan in my life. I was also glad to see that those who attended our worship night received grace and desired to come back. This event is a stepping stone to what God will do in and through our Church.”

Other regions also experienced gracious and Spirit-filled Pentecost events. The USA church communities emerged from this spiritual retreat and event invigorated, ready to advance the Kingdom of God with renewed vigor and Holy Spirit empowerment. May their journey be blessed and their faith be a beacon of hope and inspiration.