US Mission Prayer Races toward Pentecost, Strengthened by Elim’s Participation

Since the day after Easter Sunday, church members from across United States have prayer together at 12pm EST. For two weeks, the members prayed for the revival of the national mission. Also the prayers covered goals set by every church for their venue and gatherings by the same date, the work of the Holy Spirit in raising new leaders across the nation, and the mission budget to reach the goal. The following are the reflections shared from members over the period:

Member 1:
“During prayer time today, I found myself reflecting on recent sermons that emphasized our identity as sons of God and the authority bestowed upon us through Christ. In a world where our identity is often questioned, especially when we face the same challenges as everyone else, it can be difficult to distinguish ourselves.

Yet, Apostle Paul unequivocally stated that we have been given the identity of sons and daughters, and we have received the Spirit of His Son who calls out “Abba, Father” (Galatians 4:6). This truth becomes most apparent when we feel weakest and powerless against the trials of the world.

As I prayed more, I came to the realization that true power does not reside within myself. Who am I to overcome the world? Yet, we have been granted sonship by the Lord by the Spirit we’ve been given. While we may lack power, the Father, who hears every prayer we utter and responds with unwavering love, possesses power beyond measure. He listens to us because He has called us His children, and He will surely answer because He loves us. It is through prayer and communion with our Father that we discover hope to overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Though I may feel insignificant among the millions in this nation, akin to a grain of sand on the seashore, it is the Lord who gathers all to Himself when I cry out to Him, seeking His will for this land.”

Member 2:
“Today, I was reminded of how the disciples witnessed the miraculous haul of fish only when they obediently followed the instructions of the Lord. Before that moment, they grappled with the uncertainty of their efforts falling short, based on their prior experiences.

Our journey towards Pentecost mirrors this obedience, as we seek the Lord to instigate a qualitative change in the spirits of others. Like the Wedding at Cana, our first step is to fill the water jars to the brim, anticipating the Lord’s miraculous intervention. Doubt often obstructs this process, diverting our focus from the path the Lord guides us on.

During prayer, I sensed that obedience is paramount in witnessing the Lord’s work in our lives. Following His lead unwaveringly and persisting until we fulfill our role is our faithful response. We must trust that the Lord will manifest change when we remain steadfast in our duties; this is our act of faithfulness towards Him.”

Member 3:
“During today’s prayer, I reflected on the profound words of Apostle Paul in Romans 8, where he speaks of the Spirit’s intercession on our behalf, even when we do not know what we ought to pray for. In those moments, the Spirit steps in, aiding us in ways beyond our own capabilities. When the fire of faith ignites within us, our worries, anxieties, and fears dissolve, leaving in their wake a heart fortified with courage, anchored in unwavering faith towards God.

In our journey of spreading the message of faith, we encounter numerous uncertainties. Mere eloquence or persuasive rhetoric cannot effect transformative change in others. Yet, we find solace in the assurance that wherever the Word is proclaimed, the Holy Spirit is at work. Just as the Spirit moved us in amazing ways, so too does it move within those touched by God’s Word. Our trust lies not in human eloquence, but in the power of the Spirit, capable of breaking down the barriers of the human heart. It is this power that empowers all seekers of the Lord to conquer their challenges and wholeheartedly devote themselves to Jesus Christ, and enable our mission to discover its full potential.”

Member 4:
“We should make the room of our mind to God more, if we are quite strong on our own mind and thought, then Holy Spirit cannot dwell inside of us where we need to give rooms for Holy Spirit to dwell… but when we repent our wrongdoing and get purified and get the foreignness from the Lord, sincerely invite and seek him, then Holy Spirit can enter us…

Like the story of Zacchaeus, starting from an impossible situation to meet the Lord, but he has strong desire to see the Lord. Even though he met All kinds of obstacles which can reasonably make him give up, but he never gave up, instead, he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that way.

Not only that, he came down from the tree as the Lord commanded and the Lord is in a low and humble position.. he realized more deeply that the Lord should be the center of his life… there must be so many arrogance or knowledge/experience we have been received maybe from this world making us a higher position like on the tree..

But in order to be filled with Holy Spirit, we must have to lower ourselves and empty ourselves more, know that deeply I cannot do anything alone without the help of God..”