United States Olivet Assembly Prioritizes Training Bible Teachers Nationwide

In line with the Pentecost initiative aimed at spreading salvation by deploying new missionaries across all 50 states, the United States Olivet Assembly (OAUSA) is concurrently focusing on bolstering its educational infrastructure to ensure widespread access to biblical teachings. OAUSA is actively leveraging various resources to fortify its Bible education core and cultivate proficient Bible teachers across the nation.

St. Louis Project for New Bible Teachers

In St. Louis, Immanuel Church has initiated a project to identify and recruit passionate individuals who can undergo training to become Bible teachers. Upon completion of training, these new teachers will be deployed to educate the anticipated influx of attendees post-Pentecost. Additionally, efforts are underway to assemble a team of online instructors from across the U.S. churches to support not only the St. Louis mission but also the broader national evangelism campaign.

Education Committee of OAUSA has compiled a comprehensive list of Bible studies tailored to elevate members through various levels of proficiency, from beginner to leadership. This compilation includes a guide sheet detailing the requisite studies for each level. The initiative aims to equip churches across the US with effective tools for nurturing their membership.

Emphasis on Daily Bible Study

OAUSA is urging all ministers and members to prioritize daily Bible study. Ministers, in particular, are encouraged to be deeply rooted in scripture, filled with the Holy Spirit, and equipped to share their faith effectively, thereby transcending worldly influences and fulfilling their mandate to save souls.

By prioritizing the training of Bible teachers and fostering a culture of dedicated study and spiritual fortitude, OAUSA is poised to significantly impact communities across the nation with the transformative power of the Gospel.