OAUSA Conference Spurs Mission Expansion: Pioneering Goals, Spiritual Standards, and to Obtain God’s Promise

The churches of the United States Olivet Assembly convened as the mission enters the 5th week after Easter, aiming to break through in pioneering and evangelism before Pentecost. The conference emphasized the importance of daily spiritual practice, self-reflection, and personal righteousness for achieving mission goals. OAUSA also discussed strategies for expanding its mission nationwide this year and addressing the church’s financial challenges through increased evangelization efforts. Additionally, OAUSA highlighted the need for efficient reporting on mission statistics and proper facility management.

Descendants as Numerous as the Stars in the Sky

The conference kicked off with a sermon delivered by the presider on Hebrews 11:8-12. The sermon focused on the faith of Abraham, which he was credited as righteous before God. The faith reflects his willingness to trust God and places hope toward the future which the Lord promised, rather than righteousness established by his own means presently. David was anionted as king by the faith the Lord saw in his heart, which was neither revealed to Saul nor his family. Church leaders were exhorted to focus on where the righteousness of God truly lies and not be confined to the present. Though Abraham was as good as dead as indicted by writer of Hebrews, God’s promise still endures and brought him numerous descendants. The key to our righteousness lies in hope and trust in the promise that the Lord gives, and faith in the blood of the one who loved us dearly at the cross.

Mission Progress and Expanding Goals

The presider led a discussion on the progress of various missions and the need for improved reporting on mission statistics. He emphasized the importance of focusing on opening new missions in the United States. He also outlined the goal of expanding their mission to all 50 states and encouraged the team to follow Abraham’s example of obedience and persistence despite his uncertainty in where he is lead to.

Faith, Trust, and Daily Self-Assessment

The presider focused on the importance of faith and trust in God’s guidance, using the example of Abraham to illustrate his points. He underscored the need for self-assessment and daily Bible study, stressing that small beginnings, when nurtured, can still lead to significant growth. He discussed the challenges of the team’s mission, the daily struggle against the enemy who confines the souls, and the necessity of winning over oneself before winning over others. He concluded by addressing the challenges faced by the church, urging the team to reflect on their faith daily, rely on God’s power, and work towards self-transformation and unity.