2024 The Easter Retreat Concluded with Grace Across the Eastern and Western Regions

The Easter Retreat of 2024 was held from March 29th to 31st in various regions across the United States, including New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Missouri, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and others. During the Bible study sessions of this Easter retreat, participants delved deeply into the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus through the Gospel of John, reflecting profoundly on the theme “I am the resurrection and the life.” Additionally, various programs such as prayer meetings, worship nights, testimonies, fellowship activities, and more enriched the meaningful retreat experience for both adults and children.

In the Northeast Region, Pastor Chang from New York emphasized during his sermon the profound love demonstrated by Jesus through his death. He highlighted that Jesus’ love was not merely a concept or knowledge but was manifested in his suffering and pain, even for those who betrayed and hated him. Pastor Chang explained that following Jesus entails difficulty because it leads to experiencing the immense sacrifice of God’s love. By embracing the cross and emptying ourselves, we encounter the profound love of God—a paradoxical truth.

The Easter services were a blend of joy and solemnity as members contemplated the joy of new life in Christ, stemming from His sacrificial act. Throughout the retreat, church members strengthened their bonds of love in obedience to the Lord’s command.

Each retreat saw the addition of many new members. Church members were delighted by the turnout and the diversity of newcomers. They expressed their joy in welcoming new faces, viewing Easter as a time of spiritual renewal and fresh beginnings.

Testimonies from attendees reflected on personal challenges and experiences of God’s guidance and grace. Attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gather during Easter, deepen their understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice, and reaffirm their faith.

The Easter Sunday on March 31st marked significant events such as the distribution of Holy Communion and baptism ceremonies in churches like Saint Louis Immanuel Church in Missouri and Emmanuel Church in New York. Pastor Chang underscored the significance of baptism as a symbolic act representing the internal transformation that occurs when one accepts Jesus into their heart, acknowledging the new life and power of the Holy Spirit.

The retreat not only celebrated the Easter season but also fostered stronger connections within the community, emphasizing fellowship and love as fundamental aspects of church life.