Olivet Leadership Institute of USA Kick Off Leadership Training

On January 9-12 2024, the U.S. Olivet Leadership Institute kick off it’s leadership training in Dover New York.
The three-day training of the OLI program is to raise young leaders and strengthen existing leaders across the U.S. The aspiration behind this training period is to cultivate a new generation of leaders in the United States. These emerging leaders are envisioned to play a crucial role in the Lord’s mission revival as prepared and empowered workers. OLI, as an educational institution, is committed to systematically educating and training future Christian leaders. It aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in God’s ministry and find success in their endeavors. The ultimate goal is to produce capable workers for the Lord who can contribute effectively to both churches and parachurches within the World Olivet Assembly.

The U.S. missionaries pray that this program will serve as a new turning point and opportunity for revival in the U.S. mission.