Christmas Retreat Concluded with Abundant Grace of Our LORD Jesus Christ

The Christmas Retreat organized by Olivet Assembly USA (OA USA) and its member churches, held for three days and two nights under the theme “God so loved the world,” has drawn to a close. Church members joined together to commemorate the birth of Jesus during the 2023 Christmas retreat. Reflecting on John 3:16, participants contemplated Jesus’ sacrificial mission to save humanity from eternal punishment and death, a message of profound significance.

“Christmas is a day of worship and celebration, marking the arrival of Jesus on Earth. The Lord, in his humility, came to this sinful world to justify and redeem us through his sacrifice on the cross. He promised to be with us always. We want to honor the Lord with joy and gratitude for the salvation he brings,” shared one of the pastors from a member church in California.

Numerous churches gathered locally and regionally, offering Bible studies, music concerts, prayer meetings, and various fellowship activities. These events served to rejuvenate spirits with the Word of God and deepen relationships with Jesus Christ. Attendees also enjoyed moments of fellowship, sharing meals, playing games, and engaging in exercise. It was a time marked by joy and gratitude toward God, who lavished blessings upon all participants.