OA USA & Churches Conclude 2023 Summer Retreat with Grace

Olivet Assembly USA (OA USA) and member churches concluded the summer retreat with abundant grace of God.

Many churches gathered locally and regionally and offered Bible studies and other fellowship activities, rejuvenating their spirit with the Word of God and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. Attendees had a time of fellowship where brothers and sisters enjoyed meals, played games and exercise. It was a time filled with joy and gratitude to God who poured down blessings to all the participants.

“When I was at this retreat, it was hard for me at first to really open my heart,” shared one attendee from Nashville.

“I really felt my heart open, and when it did open, I felt so so sad. It felt like I was coming home to a parent I hadn’t talked to in years… I’ve always struggled with keeping the Grace in my heart, but through this retreat, I realized that if I constantly exposed to the Word and the Grace of God, I will be able to keep it in my heart.”

Another person from Ohio testified, “The preparations beforehand were very nerve-wracking and busy, but in my heart, I felt immense joy and anticipation. It was wonderful to have everyone come together, share and exchange ideas, and work together!”