OA USA & CA Holds Its Quarterly Mission Conference

This April, Olivet Assembly United States and Canada (OA USA & CA) held its second-quarter mission conference in New York where the grace of God fell overflowingly upon all US missionaries.

The conference lasted 2 days through which all presbyteries had the opportunity to give a report on the accomplishments and developments of the first quarter and were also able to present their proposed mission goals and plans for each region.

Upon the completion of each presentation, a forum was held where various missiological strategies and ideas were exchanged. In particular, a Q&A section was held for missionaries who had questions about specific scenarios they encountered in the mission field, on which they felt they needed more guidance. Well-experienced seniors and pastors were selected to answer their questions and give advice.

Many stories of faith were shared on how souls were evangelized and came to know the Lord Jesus and accept him as their Lord and Savior. All missionaries gained strength and their passion was ignited to save many souls in the US.