The U.S. Easter Online Experiment: Evangelism, Broadcast, and Fellowship

For United States churches, the upcoming Easter season defines an important period of harvest for evangelism and pioneering efforts nationwide. The pandemic setting has highlighted the importance of online experience in effectively reaching the evangelistic goals from each church. Until Easter, Olivet Assembly USA is exhorting churches to focus on several core strategies.

To establish a strong online exposure, US churches will focus on strengthening its website and social media invitation toward the upcoming Easter retreat. OAUSA HQ have set up a team that reviews church’s online evangelistic outreach daily to monitor its effectiveness and select exemplary examples among US churches for others to emulate.

The quality of online broadcast from regional retreats will be especially important in providing strong impression among attendants. For example, the St. Louis church met with local staff in early March on discussing the improvements needed to the online experience for members and newcomers alike this Easter. Modeling to like of megachurches such as Saddleback, the Central Region church is seeking to experiment with the broadcast of retreat and worship live from its website.

The challenge for the church remains in translating the in-person fellowship to online. A great emphasis this Easter will be placed on experimenting with online engagement by creating a sociable environment for sharing, questions & answers, and group activities. Creativity is being explored constantly to innovate the online fellowship and draw attendants to continuously participate in the church weekly.