Christmas 2020 Virtual Choir: ‘We are the Reason & Silent Night’

The Christmas 2020 virtual choir ‘We are the Reason & Silent Night’ was presented by Jubilee Chorus during the Christmas Service online for churches to broadcast worldwide on December 25th.

The choir featured members from around the world and several dozens of teenagers as well, making the chorus much more merrier and abundant.

Please find below the reflections shared by some of the participants of this year’s Christmas virtual choir.

“Participating in this choir is kind of a reminder of my early days of Christianity. When I was a teenager, I participated in singing this song in the youth group of my former church. Now many years later, singing this song is a reminder of who I am, I am the reason why Christ suffered, for He loved me and gave His life for me. After all these years, where am I in faith? I wish to remember the grace that first brought me to His kingdom.” – Xavier Pais

“I am so thankful and glad that I became a part of Jubilee Chorus and sing praises to God for giving us His one and only Son. Through the song I came to realized how much God loves us that we become the reason that Jesus Christ gave His life to, for us to received salvation. I thank God for giving me grace and opportunity to offer the aroma of praises this Christmas.” – Hanna Grace Marie Gilbas

“With each production of Jubilee virtual choir, Jubilee World aims to add new elements of development. The most exciting developments are musical upgrades and new people. This Christmas, rising leaders and members from Jubilee Southeast Asia and Europe could participate, both in performance and in behind-the-scene coordination. It was with the joy and grace of God that Jubilee could involve increasing performers and coworkers each time, including the increase of teenage and young performers! I pray that each virtual choir participant will live out the lifestyle of worship, just as they proclaimed in the song. As Christ gave His life for us, let us also give up our old lives and live new lives for Jesus Christ!” – General Secretary Dorothy Li

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