Southeast, Mid Atlantic and YEF United Christmas Retreat Concludes

On December 26, Southeast, Mid Atlantic and YEF United Christmas retreat concludes with abundant grace of God. Many members testified the grace of God at the end of the retreat.

December 26 retreat starts with Bible Study 5 preached by Pastor Christina Kim from Alabama with theme “The Kingdom of God” based on Romans 8:18-27. After that, Pastor Thomas Wang from Atlanta preached on Closing Service with theme “The Kingdom of God”.

At the end of the retreat, Pastor Danielle White, YEF International General Sectary led the retreat testimony. Many members testified the great grace of God. They are very joyful to join this united retreat and they are eager to join the next united retreat since they can listen to many different preachers and see many new members.

May God revive the US mission through the united retreats throughout the whole year.