OAUSA to Expand Nehemiah Network, Prepares for Growth

With more closings to happen in December, United States Olivet Assembly will seek to expand the Nehemiah network in order to provide coverage over the needs of renovation and maintenance nationwide. By God’s grace, new permanent homes are found for churches across US and each will require care and attention to its infrastructure to allow for better use of space for purpose of gathering people regionally.

By end of 2020, OAUSA is expected to have acquired 12 Olivet Centers locations in all: New York City, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Warren, Nampa, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New Haven, Birmingham, and Wichita. Canada also has an Olivet Center located close to Montreal that was acquired earlier this year as well. Currently plans are in place to eventually find leaders who can join Nehemiah from each location and unite together to discuss how to better serve the US churches and its growing congregation.

With the US mission network expected continuously expand in 2021, OAUSA hopes to plant Nehemiah Project first in these initial 12 cities and later extend the service within its respective presbytery network to support additional churches that would be later acquired.