US Thanksgiving Retreats Fill Nation with Grace

This weekend, retreats were held from coast to coast in United States. San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Southeast Region (Atlanta, Nashville, Alabama) all held services after Thanksgiving Day that were attended by other cities as well to exhort members to meditate deeply on God’s Word and become filled with the Holy Spirit entering a season where abundant harvest is expected. Heading toward Christmas, the nation is praying for a revival that will send 500 newcomers to the annual commemoration of our Lord’s birth and begin their membership training process.

San Francisco Gratia Church held its Thanksgiving Retreat with many newcomers attending a retreat for the first time. The retreat focused on the Faith of Abraham, consisting of three total Bible studies delivered by Pastor Walker Tzeng.

Southeast region hold a Thanksgiving retreat based on four spiritual law. After each Bible study, members write their reflection and post in the group chat. In the evening time, they held group sharing time and members were touched to hear each other’s testimonies of the Lord’s grace during these trying times.

St. Louis Immanuel Community Church held monthly retreat on Matthew 13. Church Minister Pastor John Zhang preached on the Parables of the Sower from Matthew 13:1-23. Pastor Stacey Kim explicated the Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast based on Matthew 13: 31-33. Pastor Anthony Chiu preached the 3rd lecture on the Parable of the Treasure, the Parable of the Pearl and the Parable of the Net. Elim minister led all members to pray with repentance and gratitude. The lectures enabled members to examine their hearts to repent for lost of first love and passion, and seeking awakening of their spirits.

Los Angeles Pilgrim Church members attended retreat online family by family. The lecturer explicated on Romans 8 and the Parables of Heaven. During the retreat, attendees received grace meditating on the clear exhortation to live for the Kingdom. Through the Parables of Heaven in Matthew 13, attendees were reminded of the process of church history that Jesus shared–including theodicy, heresies, and judgment.