Missionary Training Focused on Understanding Redemption, Value of Salvation

Missionary training and preparation at United States Olivet Assembly continued throughout the past week in one-hour sessions daily. Majority of the training focused on understanding the Bible core, and explication of the redemptive salvation.

The instructor at the training laid out the importance of understanding salvation through the redemption of Jesus Christ. As pointed out in Romans 3, it is by Christ’s atoning sacrifice that God demonstrated his justices and justified those who have faith in the Lord. (Romans 3:25-26)

To open the minds of today’s young Christians who goes to church daily, missionaries were instructed that redemptive salvation must be taught precisely. It is not by works that we are saved, but neither is the salvation given by Christ to us came without a price. Although it is freely given to us, but the ultimate price of sin was paid by the Lord who was hung on a cross for our sins to be forgiven.

The training focused on having missionaries understand the explication of Romans thoroughly so that the Word from the book can be delivered like a sharp sword and establish new believers that can understand the concepts of sin and salvation clearly.

Other discussions included application of evangelism strategy, selection of mission field, and method of shepherding. The goal of the training is to prepare all missionaries for dispatch to their designated mission fields.