US Churches Celebrates Easter Online, Prays for Healing of the Nation

Even in the midst of tragedies, the Risen Lord has overcome the grave to give us life and hope that is eternal. Churches throughout United States found ways to remain connected to God and to one another in a time when many are socially distanced.

Churches in Los Angeles and St. Louis held broadcasted retreats nationally over the weekend. Both retreats focused on John 17-20 and went in-depth on the event of cross and resurrection. Whereas upon the cross the culmination of man’s sin condemned the sinless Lamb of God, the overwhelming love of God brought forth the resurrection that gave salvation to all in this world. There is no one that could separate us from the love of Christ.

In New York, Easter service was attended by thousands via online early morning broadcast. Jubilee World b an brought an ensemble of Christian musicians from all over the world from their isolation via Zoom to sing the choral devotion onscreen. The service was followed by sermon preached from the passage of Romans 4:25 and Galatians 2:20. The Christian faith rose from the depths of hardship and persecution and difficulties. In the most difficult times, the hope of eternal life in salvation shines ever more brightly. Paul’s writing from Galatians summarizes it all: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

Churches from a number of cities too found ways to unite despite the distances. Although many congregants were sheltered from home, attendants came face to face via one another via Zoom and gave Sunday services together.

One minister from Boston reflected, “We are insufficient in many ways, God has helped and cared for us so that we could still together on this Easter online. I realized how grateful it is for the fellowship we have in Christ. I believe God wishes for us to unite even more stronger at this time.”

“When pastor said (in service) that we need to break down so that we have re-look the resurrected Lord, it hit me strongly. I was kind of introvert person that I easily can be confined by myself but I am learning to open myself and accept God’s love fully. I want to have my life of faith to re-look at the Lord and can know God fully through his love,” one congregant from San Francisco shared.

On Saturday, members of Olivet Assembly united in fasting and prayer altogether for the healing of the nations. COVID-19 have claimed the lives of many, and distressed populations throughout the world. The churches pray for God’s forgiveness of sin and to bring an end soon to the pandemic.