Online Prayer Meeting for COVID-19 Held

An online prayer meeting for COVID-19 was held on April 11,2020. With the pandemic, the world is influenced by death and fear. World Olivet Assembly have asked all the churches around the world to fast and pray. Elim Center is seeking to cry out and prayed for this everyday.

The topics shared by Elim Center were:

– Pray for COVID-19 outbreak to end soon
– Pray for people who are saving lives, to comfort them and to give them power
– Pray for all church members for their protection
– Pray for Doctors, nurses, scientists/researchers/medical professionals who are fighting with virus and making the immunizations/medications

The presider points out in the prayer the need for repentance, “As Christian who believe in God, we must check if there are sins to repent and to turn our hearts back to God.” Attendants prayed with repentance and tears. They requested for God’s mercy, love, grace to be shown in this world.