OA USA Churches Create New Momentum with Online Mission Expansion

The Mission Department of Olivet Assembly United States and Canada (OA USA) continues to make efforts on the online evangelism and education platforms. The podcast has been airing daily with the increasing number of audience and the lecturers from OA USA ministers have been forming more clear ideas on the concept of lectures that are specifically designed for the podcast, which will solidify the activity and display more promising future.

While ministers working more actively on the online lectures, some of the ministers have naturally begun their YouTube sermons. Evolving around native English speakers, being able to provide quality English sermon will impact not only the local but the globe for English is the most commonly shared language. As a result, OA USA welcomes ministers who are expanding their territory of mission platforms and encourages them to explore on more different platforms as well.

One of the reasons why Facebook could be impactful is because many students are publicly displayed on Facebook, specifically naming their attending schools, while the church targets university students. Thus, Facebook activity will enable church ministers to easily identify targeting students and connect them with the local church.

During the shelter-in-place period, many christians look for alternative ways to attend Sunday service. One of the most common ways is to connect with online services. Interestingly, however, some of the researches shows that the number of views of church sermon does not necessarily parallel with the number of the congregation of the church, which signifies that many Christians are willing to look for the opportunity to explore other church contents. This is the great opportunity for growing churches where can present quality messages, because now they can draw a bigger number of congregation without physical investments or boundaries, but solely depending on the message.

OA USA believes that the message in OA USA churches are strong and insightful from the starting of the church. Accordingly, OA USA hopes that the national churches will be able to grab this great opportunity and fuel it to create a new momentum for US mission.