NYC Immanuel Church Holds Online Easter Service

New York City Immanuel Presbyterian Church members gathered and held a graceful Easter Sunday Service online on April 12 with Pastor Rachel Chatterjee delivering the message titled “I am the resurrection and the life” based on John 11:25-26.

“Easter commemorates the day Lord Jesus resurrected from the dead. The Passion Week ended with the crucifixion of the Lord but His death did not end in just death. His death was not a defeat or failure. The crucifixion was succeeded by the Lord’s resurrection. It was a victory over death. Just as the Lord’s crucifixion symbolizes the Lord’s love for us, His resurrection symbolizes eternal Life. There cannot be Resurrection without the Cross. Love overcomes death. And, love results in life.”

“The Lord’s death was a ransom for many and an atonement. Through His death, He redeemed the sinners. But death could not confine Him and hold Him back. The Lord rose on this day and revealed to the whole world that He is the Son of God,” said Pastor Rachel

Also, NYC members held a joint service via Zoom with their children to remind themselves that God has given them and their children a firm foundation of faith and love. And that is Christ Jesus.

On this day of Easter and always, may we remember that the Cross is a symbol of victory and not defeat and that the resurrected Lord is forever with us. May we be the ones who can live our lives revealing the Lord’s glory and the Gospel. Amen!