Mission Conference Discussed 2020 Goals for Mission Expansion

From December 26th to 27th, Olivet Assembly USA & Canada ministers held a joint mission conference reviewing the year of 2019 and setting the direction of mission for the next year.

The two day meeting invited presbytery leaders from churches and ministers from para-church organizations, with the goal of receiving new direction to reaffirm the goals towards the year 2020 and beyond.

Various conferences were held following the theme of Luke 24:19 “being powerful in word and deed before God and all the people”, to strategize mission expansion and evangelism efforts in the coming year.

Olivet Assembly USA and Canada representative Pastor Anthony Chiu shared “There is a huge harvest that awaits in the mission field. During the conference we were encouraged to move onward being powerful in word and deed like the Lord and the apostles did.”

Church and Parachurch leaders participated in group meetings to cover specific topics related to the local ministry agendas and could redirect mission goals.