OA US & CA Ministers Conclude 2019 General Assembly, Mission Conference

OA US & CA Church ministers held the mission conference during 2019 World General Assembly

The presbytery leaders and church ministers discussed the goal of opening churches in more cities across the nation and was emphasized as the main focus till the end of this year. Below are a few of the topics covered during the mission conference. 

How can we start the revival? The churches need to work with many types of people to gather and teach the gospel and pray together for the Holy Spirit to work. 

What is the distinctive role of the church? The church minister is the shepherd, and the church is the spiritual home that can guide their communities. Church is a place to educate and teach to grow the sheep of the Lord across all age and cultural spectrums.

We need to give people a chance to grow and set as new leaders. As we give the responsibility to the youths, they can excel under God’s guidance and become exceptional leaders. 

Our lifestyle and time management have to match the intensity provided by the biblical teachings. From the local church, we need to show example of diligence to young members to discover life of dedication.

May OA US & CA Church ministers be filled with the conviction for the mission revival and harvest the fruits of many souls for the Kingdom of God.