AM Chicago Holds Retreat on ‘Redemption: A Biblical Love Story’

A retreat was held at the Apostolos Mission Chicago Chapter on Saturday, Sept. 28. The Biblical love story of Redemption was told as the ministers looked at the fall and reception found in Genesis 3 and Romans 3 respectfully.

The two messages clearly laid out the need for God’s intervention as we walked away from him, enslaved ourselves in our disgraceful betrayal, and could never turn back on our own.

But thanks to the love of God, In the end we have been bought from slavery. We have even brought back from death to life. This world has no other source of hope.

“Do we really understand the gospel?” Was the question posed as Romans 3 was read. The gospel is- you’re guilty, more guilty than you could ever really understand, but saved by the love of God. This is undeserved! You’re more loved than you could ever dream. This frees us, empowers us to leave our life of sin.

May the Lord open up the understanding of man, and open up the path for more students to attend these retreats as AM Chicago meditates on the kingdom of God next.