OA USA Regroups 9 Presbyteries in Joint Conference, Confirms New HQ in St. Louis

On August 21, 2019, presbytery leaders from the US and Canada convened in St. Louis on the direction of North America mission. The Conference regrouped 9 presbyteries in the US, reorganizing states to make better presbyteries.

The nine major cities in US to lead the presbyteries are Seattle (WA), Los Angeles (CA), Denver (CO), Dallas (TX), Minneapolis(MN), Detroit (MI), Atlanta (GA), DC, and New York City.

At this meeting, the presider expounded on “The parable of the talent” from Matthew 25 and exhorted leaders who attended to have awareness of God’s calling and live knowing that there is an eternal God, obeying His will, and regarding time preciously.

We must realize the preciousness of our calling and work faithfully unto death. Loyalty/faithfulness means living diligently. As the parable of the talents teaches, one person loses what he has, and a greater blessing is given to another.

Don’t live passively, but proactively like a faithful servant.

US Joint Conference has continued to address various topics including OA USA Headquarters to be settled in St. Louis, and for US mission to united 7 fellowships and 12 presbyteries in the nation.

Missouri is located in the middle of 13 U.S. states. It is a great geographical location as a headquarters for the United States, and can be traveled by car from 20 states.