Northeast Summer Retreat 2019, “I am the Light of the World”

The 2019 Northeast Summer Retreat was held from August 2nd to the 4th in Immanuel Chapel in Dover, New York.

Pastor John Vivian delivered the message from Matthew 5:1-12. The message focused on the beatitudes, and how they applied to the lives of Christians, giving hope through the blessings that Jesus promised to his disciples who follow his commandments.

“We are here to look at and remember the sermon on the mount. This collection of teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples is very precious and meaningful. In many ways it covers a lot of the main concepts of Christianity that we believe in and that we try to live by in our walks of faith,” said the preacher.

The major theme of the retreat was based on the Sermon on the Mount. Lectures explored the passages that deeply relate the message to the lives of believers. The passages encourage believers to be the ones who are humble and meek, that they might enter into the Kingdom of God. By being encouraged to be pure of heart and those who thirst after righteousness, believers can be united with Christ and experience the work of God. Additionally, God promises that the persecution that is endured for the sake of the gospel will not go unnoticed.

The conclusion emphasized how each believer should not feel burdened by the multitude of commandments and teachings of Jesus. Despite our insufficiency to follow all of the laws of God individually by our own effort, we have the grace of Jesus Christ to help inspire and strengthen us on our path of faith. Through the salvation afforded by the sacrifice of Jesus, Christians are able to follow the commandments and teachings of the word and be united together with God closer than ever before.

The retreat program included prayers, a worship night, and family activities. The children’s program was separately and held with diverse fun activities. Olivet families and members had opportunities to gain strength and encouragement through this summer program.