OLI 2019 Concludes with Reviewing the Great Commission

The 2019 Summer Olivet Leadership Institute concluded on June 15th with the closing service. Pastor John Vivian delivered the sermon from Matthew 28:16-20, emphasizing the meaning of the great commission to all of the students and encouraging them to continue their tradition of faith. As the students return to their local churches and mission fields, OA prays that the lessons and training they received will greatly inspire their ministry efforts.

The sermon described the leadership of Jesus Christ as being the foremost example of Christian leadership. His leadership and teaching of the disciples was founded in an endless love for the Father and the word. Through the intensive study of the word, fellowship becomes evident, and finally the serving of a community. Students were encourage to continually follow this path of faith in their churches as they seek to build the Kingdom of God together.

Students completed Bible study tracks based on Romans, Acts, Galatians, and Exodus. The workshops they participating allowed them to experience the mindset and practice of ministry leaders in areas such as evangelism, Bible studies, fellowship, and organizing outreach events. Students submitted daily reflections about the Bible studies, and several assignments allows them practice writing ministry reports. At the conclusion of the program, students also engaged in practice Bible studies.

Students received abundant grace during the program. The prayer meetings organized by Elim proved to be largely successful, and one brother from San Francisco received the gift of tongues. The counseling sessions helped to encourage students to explore their vision for ministry work in the future as well as connecting them to ministry opportunities that can fit to their interests.

Please pray for this year’s students as they return to their mission fields, and for the OLI program to continue to develop in raising new leaders. OA North America is thankful for the work of ministers in raising new students in the word of God to send for leadership training this year.