Bible for Bronx Kids Kicks Off in NYC Immanuel

New York City Immanuel begins Bible program specially designed for young adults and children in lower Bronx neighborhood. Small handouts with DVD materials are being distributed to draw families and youth in the area to the church program.

Dr. Paul DeVries, the senior pastor of the church, emphasized on the importance of church playing a role of educating the future generation. In the past, the education was provided by family, school and the church. However, the church start losing its role of educating people and thereby the education level of kids in general got lower and many are in great need of help in this matter.  

The area near the church is reported to have a great need of education support. In the church leaders meeting, suggestion was made to devise the activities that could teach not only English or math skill, but also Bible, by choosing well-made biblical resources.

The church is actively recruiting volunteers as the same time to expand the program to a large group of people. Volunteer program will ensure those who participate to obtain meaningful experience and reward to keep the whole program in quality and responsibility.

Immanuel hopes to communicate the profound world of gospel to young adults in Bronx to give them nourishing experience with the Lord and let them prepare life in truth.