New York City Immanuel Expounds God’s Creation and Hope for Eternity

Immanuel Community Church in New York City held a one-day retreat on January 26th at the downtown sanctuary center in Manhattan.

The theme of the retreat was “Male and Female, God Created.” The three lectures were given by a seminary professor of OTCS and Pastor Kim based on the Book of Genesis Chapters 1 and 2. The messages highlighted the meaning and depth of God’s work in creating this world and man.

Dr. Kang expounded how God created man and this universe, the meaning of His rest as well as the works of God that are also displayed in the secular history. Pastor Kim explained the structure of man consisting of the body, soul, and spirit and how man is supposed to live as a being created by God in dust and spirit. The lecturer emphasized that there is a world beyond what is seen and man should heed God’s Words as He is the ultimate judge of this world and every life. The Immanuel pastor encouraged the audience to remember that the essence of life is to prepare for eternity. 

One of the participants, Eileen from New Haven, said, “I learned the earthly position would not determine the position in heaven. I came to have a determination to live for eternal values and the kingdom of God and to remember God’s promise of cross and resurrection gave me such a deep comfort.”

Immanuel in New York holds monthly Bible series retreats to improve biblical literacy among all who are interested. The prayer is to draw people to know the Words and understand the truth.

Immanuel is going to hold the second retreat of this year on February 23rd with the theme of “Sin” based on the Book of Genesis Chapters 3 and 4.

“The Word of God is a true source of strength and hope in a life ridden with many burdens in this sinful world. We hope to give this fresh presentation of the Bible to many souls in the city,” said Pastor Kim.