Youth Mission Releases Campus List for 2019 Expansion

Youth Evangelical Fellowship announced a list of the forty universities they will seek to launch student clubs in the year 2019.

The ministry that seeks to preach the gospel among campus students has been working t to bring “a global movement inspiring young generations to be set free in the love of Jesus Christ.”

The list encompasses different States of the United States and major cities within Canada. The cities where existing centers are active will play a guiding role for new clubs that are newly launched in their near cities or states.

The announcement included the timeline of opening youth clubs for each university. The list has thirty-four Universities in the U.S. and five in Canada.

“We are losing our people of youth to the dark flow of modern secularism and atheistic ideas. The Gospel is the only power that can reverse this cultural fall among them,” said Seri Tseng, the director of Campus Pioneering.