US and Canada Mission Main Direction Until GA: Evangelism and Raising Disciples
9.15 2017 | OA

The main direction for US and Canada mission until the General Assembly is evangelism and raising people diligently to become members, the representative for the region said in a recent mission conference.

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Olivet Assembly Organizes History of the Denomination to Share with Public
9.7 2017 | OA

Olivet Assembly USA is organizing the history of the denomination to be shared publicly to strengthen its centripetal force, which eventually binds each and every one of its members in one vision and one direction.

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2017 Olivet Membership Training Begins
8.22 2017 | OA

Olivet Assembly USA commenced its anticipated week-long membership training on Monday, August 21st at Olivet Leadership Institute building in Dover, New York. Young members from several churches have arrived in Dover to attend the program that will continue until August 27th.

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OA US Reorganizes General Office, Senior Management
7.8 2017 | OA

The Olivet Assembly USA general office has reorganized its departments and senior management to provide better oversight and care for missions across the United States.

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