Summer Retreat 2018 to be Held in New York and San Francisco
6.26 2018 | OA

The 2018 Summer Retreat will be held in three locations in North America from august 10th until 12th. The large event in the East Coast is going to host churches and fellowships located in the northeast, mid-atlantic, southeast, midwest, south central regions. Summer retreat will be also held in two cities of California, Riverside and San Francisco, to respectively invite member bodies in the southwest and northwest regions.

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OLI Summer Program Continues with Main Biblical Themes
6.15 2018 | OA

The 2018 Summer Olivet Leadership Institute began the second week of the program on June 11th. The three week biblical program included major topics of the bible in the lecture as well as workshops, prayers and activities.

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OLI Summer Session to Begin in Early June
4.24 2018 | OA

Olivet Leadership Institute, an affiliated organization of Olivet Assembly, begins the Summer session from June 4th for three weeks to provide training and biblical lectures for potential new leaders of local churches. The program will encompass three main programs during the three week schedule. Students will participate in a variety of Biblical lectures, workshops, practical projects, and special lectures delivered by various ministry leaders. The schedules will be spread out throughout the day including meals and fellowships.

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OA USA and Canada Churches Prepare Pentecost Events
4.12 2018 | OA

U.S. and Canada churches are going to hold special events for Pentecost day on May 20th. OA announced that each region and church can confirm specific event details that aim to convey the meaning of Pentecost fully to their congregants.

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