Large Easter Retreats to be Hosted in New York and San Francisco
2.21 2018 | OA

Large Easter Retreats will be held in both of the coasts in the United States. New York will be the venue for the East Coast churches and fellowships. Two locations of San Francisco and Riverside will respectively host large Easter events for West Coast congregations.

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Towards Easter 2018, OA Churches Meditate the Path of Lord's Cross
2.16 2018 | OA

Olivet Assembly churches in North America began the Lent period by offering services on February 14th, 2018. During this period, all churches and members deeply reflect on the cross of Jesus for 40 days and finally on the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.

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East Coast OA Churches Collaborate with Fellowships in Active Outreach
2.6 2018 | OA

Several Olivet Assembly churches on the east coast of the United States are actively collaborating with campus fellowships and Christian organizations to bring youths to God. Boston Immanuel, a branch of Immanuel Community Church in NYC, is seeking to preach the gospel to the city in partnership with Apostolos Missions, an organization dedicated to the spreading of the gospel in university campuses.

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OA North America Annual Calendar of Events Released for 2018
1.3 2018 | OA

OA North America is starting the New Year off by releasing all of the future events for the coming year including retreats, OLI programs, and membership training. The goal of this year is to increase the membership of all churches to a minimum of 24 members. Additionally, the attendance of all North American events will strive to increase as well, giving churches and regions plenty of time to prepare well ahead in advance.

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