OA Churches Hold Pentecost Service and Diverse Events

5.21 2018 | Congregation

OA churches in the United States held Pentecost events this past weekend. The Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest Regions all held regional events, gathering multiple churches together to have special nights of prayer and praise. These church leaders reporting during the daily conference about the special grace they received during the

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2018 New York Easter Retreat Concluded in the Grace of God
4.03 2018 | Congregation

The 2018 New York Easter Retreat in North America successfully concluded today, April 1st after the closing service delivered by Pastor John Vivian. He delivered the message from Luke 24:13-35,

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Montreal Immanuel to Settle Olivet Center in Canada
3.22 2018 | Congregation

Mission in Montreal is heading towards the goal of fully settling Olivet Center and Biblical College this year.

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OLI Summer Session to Begin in Early June
4.24 2018 | OA

Olivet Leadership Institute, an affiliated organization of Olivet Assembly, begins the Summer session from June 4th for three

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The Meaning of Pentecost

Christians celebrate the day of Pentecost on the fiftieth day after Easter each year to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. However,

From Cave Adullam to the Kingdom of God

Morning Devotion, held in Dover Chapel on February 7, delivered about God's transforming power revealed through the four hundred people in the Cave Adullam. The preacher took out the scripture from 1

Teachers and Prophets in the Church of Antioch

Many wonder what would be the best strategy to accomplish church planting successfully. Before different strategies or methodologies are discussed, church planters are called to review what the

Ministry Focus
Nehemiah Project Increase Staff Team for U.S. Church Property Development
5.18 2018 | Ministry

In his book Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders explores the qualities and the importance of tact and diplomacy. “Combining these two words,” Sanders says, “the idea emerges of skill in reconciling opposing viewpoints without giving offense and without compromising principle.”