Olivet Assembly USA Gears Up For Registered Member Training

8.03 2017 | Congregation

The Olivet Assembly of USA is gearing up for its first Registered Member Training session in Dover, from August 21-27th. Headquarters is seeking to aid churches in building their congregation by educating and inspiring registered members. This Registered Member Training is a pilot program that OA plans to eventually implement at the local church

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NY Immanuel Members Encouraged to Live with Godly Simplicity
6.12 2017 | Congregation

Preaching from 2 Corinthians 1:12, the Rev. Paul de Vries exhorted Immanuel Church members in New York City to live Christian lives with Godly "simplicity" and "sincerity." "Simplicity" and

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OA Starts Summer Retreat Preparations, Looks Ahead to New Generation of Leadership
5.26 2017 | Congregation

US mission began looking ahead to holding the Summer Retreats in the latter half of August.

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OA US Reorganizes General Office, Senior Management
7.08 2017 | OA

The Olivet Assembly USA general office has reorganized its departments and senior management to provide better oversight and

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'Though I may have nothing, I will Hope in the Lord'

As God's people, we have the privilege of being joyful in the Lord. We know we can rejoice in Him always, and be joyful forever more.

As Pentecost Approaches, Testimonies of Holy Spirit Key to Sharing Gospel of Jesus

As Pentecost approaches testimonies about the work of the Holy Spirit in church members' lives will be important for sharing the Good News about what Jesus Christ is doing today. Pentecost is the time

If I had Not Come and Spoken to Them, They Would Not be Guilty of Sin

The passage helps us to reflect on the great difference between Jesus and ourselves. There is an insurmountable distance in the merits of righteousness between us.

Ministry Focus
OTM Promotes Opening Ceremony in The Bronx, NY
6.12 2017 | Ministry

Greetings to all in this New Year in the name of Jesus Christ to all who in their heart desire to know God and learn what He