U.S. Churches Focus on Families as Basic Model of the Kingdom of God

10.17 2017 | Congregation

Churches throughout the United States are putting an emphasis on activities to strengthen families as the basic model of the Kingdom of God with the conviction that when a family is firmly planted in faith and is healthy, God's Kingdom grows and gets strengthened.

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NY Immanuel Church Centralizes Strength in Developing the Bronx Headquarters
9.14 2017 | Congregation

NY Immanuel Community Church in New York City adjusted current strategies and mission focus to be centralized in developing the Bronx headquarters.

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Outreach Programs in U.S. Increase Ahead of Nationwide Membership Trainnings and Retreats
9.14 2017 | Congregation

OA churches across the United States have increasingly added outreach programs to their regular church activities, collaborating with other OA ministries to reach out to more people with the Gospel.

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US OC Vision in Focus, Reps Unite for Presentations
10.17 2017 | OA

In preparation for the upcoming general assembly and to inspire focused mission reports, the Olivet Assembly representative for

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My Hope, Strength And Joy – The Lord!

The prophet Habakkuk is very wise. He places all his hope in the Lord. What is the result of this attitude? That he rejoices and jumps on the heights with the feet of a deer.

Leading with Love

In his book Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders explores the qualities and the importance of tact and diplomacy. “Combining these two words,” Sanders says, “the idea emerges of skill in

Work as Worship

Work, the God-given ability to use our strength and energy to sustain and enhance life for ourselves and others, is a gift of God. God Himself is a God who works.

Ministry Focus
OTCS Introduces New MDiv Concentrations to Equip Pastors for Multiple Ministries
10.17 2017 | Ministry

As God's people, we have the privilege of being joyful in the Lord. We know we can rejoice in Him always, and be joyful forever more.