Ministry Focus
AM UCSD Prepares Mini-Christmas Retreat on Campus: 'Christ, the Light of the World'
12.15 2017 | Ministry Focus

Apostolos Missions Riverside volunteers will gather on Dec. 16 to hold a mini-retreat on the UCSD campus. They are praying and planning to welcome new students who will be on the campus during the winter break.

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AM USA Begins to Recruit Students for Winter Break Internship
12.4 2017 | Ministry Focus

Apostolos Missions USA is beginning its recruitment for U.S. students to intern at the AM HQ in Dover, New York.

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OTM and US Churches Initiate Joint Project for Teen National Camp
11.16 2017 | Ministry Focus

Olivet Teen Mission and US Churches are initiating a joint project to gain and raise teen members around the country by hosting a national camp. OTM US plans to set up a venue for the event and one of the potential locations is Chicago Crosspoint Community Church.

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OTCS Introduces New MDiv Concentrations to Equip Pastors for Multiple Ministries
10.17 2017 | Ministry Focus

Towards preparing ministry-bound men and women for the 21st century's mission challenges awaiting them outside the seminary walls, Olivet Theological College and Seminary (OTCS) has recently completed its 3-year revision process of its flagship degree, the Master of Divinity (MDiv). Four new concentrations are now introduced for greater clarity across a constantly widening range of ministry callings.

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