Ministry Focus
Olivet Teen Mission to Hold Volunteer Training Programs in Detroit, Chicago and Houston
9.14 2018 | Ministry Focus

For the month of September Olivet Teen Mission North America will focus on the mission tour, training leaders, creating various resources, recruiting volunteers and leaders for the second generation, and strengthening its network.

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Youth Ministry Launches Local Centers in OA Churches
8.30 2018 | Ministry Focus

Youth Evangelical Fellowship( has launched local centers in collaboration with OA churches across the country.

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Midwest Region Pastors' Forum, "Four Pillars of Church Ministry"
8.27 2018 | Ministry Focus

Northeast Region Pastors and Leaders held an online forum to discuss key ministries of the church on August 24th.

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Jubilee World Holds 16th Anniversary Service in St. Louis
7.12 2018 | Ministry Focus

On July 10, 2018, Jubilee World gave the 16th anniversary service in God's grace. Jubilee worship band invited congregation to praise the Lord together. The praise featured a new Jubilee original, "Look At Us," declaring the healing grace of Jesus' Name and his power to raise us up. The twenty anniversary choir members, including eight Jubilee Youth members, proclaimed the wondrous works of God in the song, "For All He's Done." Jubilee also presented a tribute video to commemorate Jubilee India representative, Pastor James Peter. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully among members as He comforted each soul.

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