Ministry Focus
Nehemiah Project Increase Staff Team for U.S. Church Property Development
5.18 2018 | Ministry Focus

Nehemiah Project will expand with increase of staff and interns by this summer. The training program for new Nehemiah interns and staff will be a part of OLI curriculum which will be held in coming month.

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OA Churches Celebrate May as Month of Family
5.8 2018 | Ministry Focus

OA Churches and Local Ministries received announcements from Faith & Family Foundation, a global organization for biblical families and marriage, located in New York. The FFF released diverse program details and introductions that were formulated to celebrate this month of May, a month the organization designated as a "family month".

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GNIT Holds Forum Diversifying Ideas of Collaboration with Business as Mission
3.14 2018 | Ministry Focus

GNIT(Gospel & Information Technology) held a forum where leaders from technology areas and business were invited. The forum of "Collaboration between Technology and Business as Mission" gathered also current students of IT college, Olivet alumni directors and managers working in Christian business ministries.

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Art Fellowship Presents Lenten Artworks
2.22 2018 | Ministry Focus

Creatio presented art works produced by members and Christian art school students. Art ministry members based in Olivet College of Art and Design, Riverside, LA, created images and drawings related with the Lenten topic. The aim was to help local churches and Christian fellowships to utilize images for forty day special period programs until Easter.

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