Ministry Focus
US Mission Focuses on Increasing Student Fellowships
3.29 2017 | Ministry Focus

As a way of touching the lives of young people across the country, US Churches will more systematically organize mission efforts to increase the number of college student fellowships, Olivet Assembly USA said as it organizes its priorities for outreach.

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AM USA Prepares for the Spring Semester, Strategizes Raising Leaders in the Region
2.1 2017 | Ministry Focus

Apostolos Missions International is welcoming the Spring semester in U.S. universities. This is the time where students are returning to classes and a new season of campus mission can begin. There will be a strong focus to raise leaders throughout this new semester.

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Creatio NY Partners With NY Immanuel Community Church to Develop HQ Building
11.17 2016 | Ministry Focus

Creatio have been supporting Churches and Para-Churches with various works as an indirect mission activity such as designing website, signs, flyers, photograph and interior design.

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Creatio Releases Artist Studio Residency Program
9.4 2016 | Ministry Focus

Creatio USA will open a program to gather artists across the country. "Artist Studio Residency Program" will be held from September 26th until October 30st for five week period. The program aims to bring artists from OA USA local churches in different states and cities.

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