If I had Not Come and Spoken to Them, They Would Not be Guilty of Sin
3.20 2017 | Editorial

The passage helps us to reflect on the great difference between Jesus and ourselves. There is an insurmountable distance in the merits of righteousness between us.

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OA Looks Forward to New Members in 2017
1.4 2017 | Editorial

Olivet Assembly USA looks forward to welcoming many new members to its local church congregations in 2017, as the body of believers in Jesus Christ who seek His Kingdom grows for His glory.

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New Year's Greetings
1.2 2017 | Editorial

Greetings to all in this New Year in the name of Jesus Christ to all who in their heart desire to know God and learn what He has done for humanity through His Son Jesus Christ.

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Methods of Evangelism: Responding Local Context and Need
6.15 2016 | Editorial

At the local level, ministers are encouraged to examine the community that their church inhabits deeply to ensure that all of the evangelism opportunities that are available are being taken advantage of. Outreach methods have always been a topic of discussion in the church and a matter of concern for those seeking to expand into different age groups and areas of the city. However what remains an important to this topic are the local needs of a community and how the church can address those issues.

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