New York Immanuel Calls for Early Church Life to Strengthen Community
8.27 2018 | Congregation

The life of the Early Church is starkly different from many churches today mostly closed except short hours of Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. If any church planter seeks to find a right model of a true church, the Book of Acts is resource that they should first scrutinize. The church in early days of Christianity was of constant vitality and life which propelled a continuous expansion beyond Jerusalem and Palestinian area.

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Detroit Calvary to Hold Enriching Summer School Program for Teens
5.25 2018 | Congregation

Calvary Church in Detroit is recruiting new volunteers for the Summer Program for teenage students in the neighborhood.

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OA Churches Hold Pentecost Service and Diverse Events
5.21 2018 | Congregation

OA churches in the United States held Pentecost events this past weekend. The Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest Regions all held regional events, gathering multiple churches together to have special nights of prayer and praise. These church leaders reporting during the daily conference about the special grace they received during the sermons and prayer focused on receiving the Holy Spirit.

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New York Immanuel Empowers Cell Group System to Multiply
5.10 2018 | Congregation

New York Immanuel Church is actively implementing Cell Group Program at the congregation as they aim to reorganize and complete the structure of member care and shepherding newly before Pentecost.

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