Ministry Focus

Midwest Region Pastors' Forum, "Four Pillars of Church Ministry"

Calvary Church

Midwest Region Pastors and Leaders held an online forum to discuss key ministries of the church on August 24th.

The meeting that church ministers and leaders in the midwest region joins regularly stresses significant themes related to church administration, growth strategy, biblical teaching and others. The recent discussions were highly focused on ways to consolidate major four roles of the church by reviewing Early Church model in the Book of Acts.

The church in Antioch was a pure creation of the Holy Spirit who led nameless people to preach the gospel and formulate a community. The church in Antioch stands as a distinctive body in the history in a different way from that of Jerusalem, bringing a new paradigm of mission led by Paul the Apostle and Barnabas. Among differences and uniquenesses, having clear roles of the church ministry delivers a message to modern day churches that seek to understand exemplary system.

"In the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers," wrote in Acts. People of prayer and teachers of the bible were primary roles of the church who brought about extensive expansion of the congregation. The church was becoming international, ready to host the Gentile mission Paul spearheaded. What made the church possible to transform this way were these powerful functions by dedicated leaders: Prophets and Teachers. In the already existing system of the church, Paul and Barnabas must have taken the lead as Apostle and Helper as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:28. Delegated tasks and distinction of the duties must have developed the church in a professional way with each role becoming more and more sophisticated and profound.

Ministers exchanged ideas and thoughts on those distinctive roles of the Early Church in Antioch to find appropriate ways to adopt in modern day church context and apply to current church system. Opinions and methods were shared to solidify these four roles in every church in order to build a strong ground for a greater leap in mission.

Midwest region online forum aims to provide a resourceful platform for ministers and staff in the regional churches to discuss core biblical themes and topics in serving congregations.