Summer Retreat 2018 to be Held in New York and San Francisco



The 2018 Summer Retreat will be held in three locations in North America from august 10th until 12th. The large event in the East Coast is going to host churches and fellowships located in the northeast, mid-atlantic, southeast, midwest, south central regions. Summer retreat will be also held in two cities of California, Riverside and San Francisco, to respectively invite member bodies in the southwest and northwest regions.

The retreat planning committee has been meeting to complete the whole program that will be focused on the theme of "The Righteous Will Live by Faith." The lectures and messages will expound soteriological topics based on the Book of  Romans from Chapter 1 until 4. The hope is to receive refreshing and reviving grace of the Lord for all mission bodies including churches and fellowships in North America by deepening our understanding and knowledge on a profound world of salvation. The themes of Sin and Salvation will be discussed through experienced lecturers and speakers.

The U.S. and Canada churches and fellowships were informed with the retreat program and schedule. Prayer is that the retreat will be instrumental in Lord's saving work to enlight and guide many souls to come to know Jesus.

The national mission conference for pastors and mission leaders of the continent will follow after the retreat program from August 13th until 14th for two days in New York. The conference will review outcomes of church growth effort and revisit the goals and direction towards the end of the year.