OLI Summer Program Continues with Main Biblical Themes


The 2018 Summer Olivet Leadership Institute began the second week of the program on June 11th. The three week biblical program included major topics of the bible in the lecture as well as workshops, prayers and activities. 

The participants aim to fulfill foundational biblical understanding to be equipped as Bible teachers, preachers, evangelists and ministry staff. Lectures and workshops provide diversifying opportunities to help students experience various areas needed in church and ministry fields. 

The first week was comprised of four main themes of the Bible: Creation, Sin, Salvation and God's Kingdom. Students were helped gain indepth understanding to see God's providential work in redeeming mankind since the creation until the fulfillment of His Kingdom on earth. Students are continuing to visit fundamental themes of Soteriology through chapters 1 until 8 in the Book of Romans throughout the second week. The third week will give a large focus on the books of the Gospel and epistles. 

Every participant is expected to begin internship course in different ministries and churches after the lecture session ends. 

Olivet Leadership Institute strives to lay a strong educational platform for local churches and fellowships to raise new leaders for future. In collaboration with diverse ministries and organizations, OLI seeks to bridge new leaders to various areas of godly fields.