OA Churches Hold Pentecost Service and Diverse Events


OA churches in the United States held Pentecost events this past weekend. The Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest Regions all held regional events, gathering multiple churches together to have special nights of prayer and praise. These church leaders reporting during the daily conference about the special grace they received during the sermons and prayer focused on receiving the Holy Spirit.

Jubilee Church in Nashvilee and Bethel in Atlanta joined together and shared sermons and lectures over the weekend. Members from the Atlanta church participated in various roles during the services. Bible studies and prayer were powerful to guide everyone to experience the gift of the Holy Spirit unconditionally poured down on the churches. 

The Midwest retreat in Chicago spent most of the time listening to the word and received great strength through the praise night that was organized. Regional ministers received a lot of spiritual strength, and enjoyed connecting with the Chicago church and the members. Pastors from Chicago and Detroit also shared the vision of Olivet Centers in two cities, introducing many ongoing projects for the development. 

The San Francisco Pentecost event held a praise and prayer night for 2 hours. Churches in the West Coast joined the retreat and prayer to celebrate the day of Pentecost. 

In Washington DC, Bethel Church held various events in cluding special Pentecost lectures, cooking and family events. Churches in the Mid-Atlantic region participated in the united service and programs. 

"The Early Church experienced an exponential growth after Pentecost, the day disciples received the power of the Spirit from above. We want to express our gratitude and joy to the Lord who fulfilled salvation among us and led us to this new era of God's History," the New York Immanuel Pastor, Huang, said in his Pentecost sermon.