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Nehemiah Project Increase Staff Team for U.S. Church Property Development

Nehemiah Project


Nehemiah Project will expand with increase of staff and interns by this summer. The training program for new Nehemiah interns and staff will be a part of OLI curriculum which will be held in coming month.

The website of Nehemiah Project introduces the vision of the ministry, "an international, non-profit humanitarian organization committed to see each city in the world revived through the rebuilding of ministry and churches that have been neglected."

Since the U.S. and Canada Olivet Centers keep enlarging and expanding by acquisition of new land or properties, there is a growing demand of active projects and tasks related to new construction, architecture, renovation and maintenance. In collaboration with the global body, OA North America launched a plan to recruit more staff and interns dedicated to different buildings and properties located in major cities of the continent.

The aim is to restore and renovate currently acquired properties to function fully as Church and Bible Seminaries. The Nehemiah also provides consulting for pastors and church ministers who plan to purchase new buildings to expand their mission. Olivet Assembly of North America included establishing Olivet Centers in all 50 States and three provinces in Canada in 2018.

The organization expressed hope as many young graduates and professionals in areas of engineering and architecture apply for the internship continually to dedicate their skill to redeeming of God's temple.