New York Immanuel Empowers Cell Group System to Multiply


New York Immanuel Church is actively implementing Cell Group Program at the congregation as they aim to reorganize and complete the structure of member care and shepherding newly before Pentecost.

Cell Group strategy has been considered by many successful churches as a way to effectively minister a medium and large size of the congregation over a hundred membership. It provides practical bridges to shepherd and equip every individual through enhanced communication system. The head pastor trains cell group leaders who subsequently raise new sub-cell leaders, which exponentially grows the church to expand in a healthy and consistent manner.

Immanuel Church that has been reaching out to the city more about two decades successfully settled its new church building in the borough of Bronx by acquisition of the new property.

Pastor Huang, a lead minister of Mission Department of the church, recently initiated the project of adjusting the old Cell Group System and renewing every cell's leadership to reinforce the growth pattern of the church.

The distinctive change that was implemented newly was to divide cells and clarify leadership by different language groups. The current congregants consist of English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean speakers with a few in European languages. The leaders of the church believe the most effective and impactful way of ministering and guiding people is to facilitate different language programs. "To share grace in the same language, cultural background help to have deeper fellowship," Huang said.

The Cell programs also increased diversity of their kinds. By creating family, kids and singles programs, church sought to reach everyone's life more profoundly to strengthen community sense and unity.

Immanuel's vision to plant new churches continually is unchanging goal that they persistently seek. The church formulates their administrative direction in line with the goal of planting churches all all boroughs of the city and fellowships targeting different career groups.

"Cell Group system will become a footstool for this development towards setting up numerous daughter churches in the city to cover all people groups from everywhere in the world," Huang said.