OLI Summer Session to Begin in Early June


Olivet Leadership Institute, an affiliated organization of Olivet Assembly, begins the Summer session from June 4th for three weeks to provide training and biblical lectures for potential new leaders of local churches. The program will encompass three main programs during the three week schedule. Students will participate in a variety of Biblical lectures, workshops, practical projects, and special lectures delivered by various ministry leaders. The schedules will be spread out throughout the day including meals and fellowships.

First and foremost, students will participate in several different themes of lectures that will help to reinforce their faith. First the students will have a deep look into the gospels and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The second week will be classified by teachings from the book of Romans, and the last week will encompass a mixture of messages from Genesis, Exodus, and other books. These lectures will be taught by many talented and diverse preachers from different churches, ministries and fellowship organizations.

The second major theme will be the service projects that students will engage in. Together with fellowships, OLI will produce several projects during the various weeks of the program that will allow students the opportunity to engage in several mission works throughout the country and region. This will give practical experience and insight for each student to explore what kind of working they could do in the mission field after they finish the program.

Finally, there will be several lectures from key ministry leaders from para-church organizations including Faith & Family, Elim, Olivet Teen Missions, Apostolos Mission, St Luke Society and others. These will give the opportunity to plant a great vision into students about how the Kingdom of God is working and currently moving around the world. The hope is that they can serve to expand their home churches after they return.

The staff team requested prayers for the continued preparation of OLI this year, and for many students to join with prepared hearts. This year's OLI will intensively work to raise another generation of leaders in the North America region.