OA USA and Canada Churches Prepare Pentecost Events


U.S. and Canada churches are going to hold special events for Pentecost day on May 20th. OA announced that each region and church can confirm specific event details that aim to convey the meaning of Pentecost fully to their congregants. 

Pentecost is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter. During this period towards Pentecost, the Bible writes that the Lord "showed himself" to the apostles and "gave many convincing proofs that he was alive". After forty days of walk, Jesus was said to ascend to heaven being witnessed by his disciples. Pentecost was the day that followers gathered remembering the promise of descending of the Holy Spirit according to the Lord and received the power from above, which transformed and equipped them to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

The ministers were introduced to hold Regional Pentecost Retreat in the major cities of their Presbytery or respectively host local retreat for members in the community. Churches will also hold Special Pentecost Service prepared with outreach events to invite more people easily to celebrate the day of receiving the Holy Spirit. 

OA North America encouraged all churches to creatively formulate programs to best communicate the message of the Pentecost, a powerful beginning of the church. 

After Easter, churches in North America are making a hopeful progress in evangelism and discipleship. May this period bring an explosive growth in mission of the continent.