East Coast OA Churches Collaborate with Fellowships in Active Outreach

campus mission

Several Olivet Assembly churches on the east coast of the United States are actively collaborating with campus fellowships and Christian organizations to bring youths to God.

Boston Immanuel, a branch of Immanuel Community Church in NYC,  is seeking to preach the gospel to the city in partnership with Apostolos Missions, an organization dedicated to the spreading of the gospel in university campuses. Their website writes, "AM fosters a Christ-centered network of young Christians for the mobilization of campus mission."

Ahran, one of Boston church members, is a graduate student in the Masters in Landscape Architecture of Harvard University. After two years since she became a member of Immanuel, she began to lead Bible Study programs at the campus, connected with AM. She strongly believes that the Bible can answer numerous questions Harvard students have about God and the truth. The study group has been growing steadily with students who wish to understand the Bible more deeply. "Our dream with AM is really big," Ahran shared. "We really want to spread the Word. And we know that students will be captured by the Word because it contains such deep truth."

Bethel Church in Atlanta is also showing a similar collaboration with the student group called Youth Evangelical Fellowship. A student leader and church member of Bethel, Danielle, has been strenuously sowing the seeds of the gospel in the campus of GSU. The fellowship is taking steps to partner with the school officially. Ms. White says, "We want this club to be a part of the change on this campus and bring many students to know God."

"It is significant for churches to take campus outreach efforts seriously and to focus on bringing new young adults into the church. They are at an age where they are discovering themselves and we hope they would discover the potential they have to serve God. Our prayer is that churches and those student groups come together to impact campuses," Pastor Vivian, the General Secretary of Olivet Assembly, said.

Both of these organizations provide various resources to church pastors and ministers to help them foster youth ministry within their churches. They strive to build a solid network in many campuses across the country in collaboration with local congregations.

When young adults are spiritually and physically healthy, the future of the country is bright. Olivet Assembly churches' endeavor to reach out to them towards a stronger Christianity.