Ministry Focus

Faith & Family Seminar for Pastors, "How to Guide People to Biblical Family Building"


The seminar for OA pastors and ministers was held on "How to Guide People to Biblical Marriage and Family" in New York on January 26th, hosted by Faith & Family Foundation.

The program aimed to help church leaders deeply understand the biblical path for singles in the process of marriage and building a family. It was formulated in consideration of a strong need to strengthen scripture based education and training for spiritual leaders in regards to family, marriage, parenting, and other related topics.

One participant, Pastor Lee from Wilmington, Delaware, said, "We encounter people who say they want to give their life to the Lord, however, their dating partners or spouses do not want to follow that direction. The church needs to understand how we should respond to this kind of situation and be ready to give guidance."

In the life of believers, marriage and family relationships are crucial as it determines how much time one individual can devote to the Lord Jesus. A healthy and strong biblical relationship becomes a foundation for continued growth and expansion of the church.  

The seminar was focused on two themes: a guidance for singles and for couples. For unmarried people, church pastors were introduced to a book, "Choosing God's Best," authored by Dr. Don Raunikar. The book has a strong voice, especially to those having been wounded or disillusioned due to scars from dating and corrects a wrong view on the way how to meet someone in preparation for marriage. Biblical insight opens our eyes to see a clear path for family life and how to build the solid ground of a relationship. The book, "Meaning of Marriage" written by Timothy Keller, was introduced for the education of couples, already and presently married. The author reveals a profound world of a marriage relationship, leading couples to discover divine will upon their family life.

The seminar was held in two sessions, also with subsequent opportunities for participants to share their views and opinions.

Family & Family Foundation makes strides consistently with objectives to help all churches prepared to serve people to be able to join in happiness and in a blessed life of marriage and family. The organization actively seeks to communicate the core pathway to happy marriage centered on the Bible.