Atlanta Bethel Exhorts to Respond to God's Call to Transform the Community

Atlanta Sunday Service

Bethel Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia, recently released many news of godly people who came to the church and expressed life change.

The church, located at the edge of Martin Luther King JR DR NW and Joseph E Lowery Blvd, welcomed people from diverse backgrounds, including those from nearby neighborhoods and immigrants from overseas.

Anuoluwapo Oluwasemilore from Nigeria, studying Biology in GSU, accepted a call from Youth Fellowship to serve the group as a founding member. The fellowship group in GSU, Youth Evangelical Fellowship, actively reaches out to students to come to Bible Study and Service to seek the truth and God. Danielle White, a current Bible teacher for the youth group of the church, prayerfully leads many to help them understand Jesus and his message of salvation.

People from different origins come together and join respective groups of ministries or departments to build up the church together.

On Sunday, January 23rd, Pastor Kim preached based on the book of Jonah, a well-known prophet who once avoided God's call but repented. All attendants of the service listened carefully to the message, and were called to meditate on God's calling towards every individual and how they should respond to the call.

Pastor Kim pointed that the story of Jonah is the story of ourselves. Man keeps searching for reasons to run away from God's calling, which brought trials and hardships upon the sailors and the surrounding people on the boat. When God's chosen ones reject their calling and mission, the world suffers without knowing why the storm waged. It was because of Jonah who hid at the bottom of the ship and fell into a deep sleep. Believers' spiritual slumber and ignorance of the calling cause bigger outcome than expected, bringing pains to the world.

The preacher called upon everyone to faithfully respond the Lord's invitation to the world of His love and mission.

Bethel Church actively conducts Bible Programs for new believers and families in different ages. A variety of programs are open throughout the week, inviting people to experience the gospel-centered life.