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AM USA Begins to Recruit Students for Winter Break Internship

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Apostolos Missions USA is beginning its recruitment for U.S. students to intern at the AM HQ in Dover, New York. Students in the U.S. coming towards the end of their Fall semester and entering a winter break. The AM HQ wishes to use this opportunity to focus students on studying the Bible and training more directly. 

The winter break for most universities begins in December and goes until the middle of January. The internship period is open for students between January 2 and January 19. A program is being prepared to focus primarily on Bible study and looking closely at God's Word. The HQ wishes to move student's hearts by having a focused and continual opportunity to hear many messages and engage in a life that is fixed on God's Kingdom. 

The internship period will be short, but it will give students a taste of a beautiful life walking with Christ. The HQ is currently communicating with U.S. & Canada missionaries to confirm who can come during this time. 

Please pray for AM USA and for many students to be gathered during this internship period.