As Summer Begins, Hopeful Holy Spirit's Work in USA Revealed by Recent Pentecost Testimonies

Pentecost Testimonies Summer Start

In the United States, the Summer season seems to have started already as temperatures begin to soar across various regions even though the official June 21 date for the Northern Hemisphere has yet to arrive.

Active mission efforts in Olivet Assembly churches are already starting that will have a strong impact on the third quarter of mission in 2017. Summer retreats in August will be a high point of activity but by September 22, Summer will be officially over.

Looking with faith at how God has prepared people's hearts in churches for the coming months is important. At the recently concluded Pentecost retreats there were testimonies about the Holy Spirit's work in the lives of church members and congregants.

The coming of the Holy Spirit fills the lives of people with new hope in Jesus Christ. Such a gift from God can come at anytime to the ones who believe. However a look back at this year's Pentecost testimonies from across the United States shows the work God is has done and is doing in the hearts of congregants to help believers prepare for what is ahead.

"I want to walk with the Holy Spirit in my life and be a witness for Him," declared one newcomer at Agape Community Church in Burlington, Vermont at the conclusion of one of the Pentecost weekend's prayer meetings at the church.

In Nashville, Tennessee's Jubilee Community Church, a period of transition in ministry and work for a preacher at the church around the time of Pentecost prompted church members an opportunity to "trust God works for good purpose," according to a minister there.

At Jubilee Evangelical Church in Birmingham, Alabama, a minister said that after Pentecost service they visited a nearby zoo, which inspired awe about what God has made and about what he will do for many people.

"God's creation was so beautiful and amazing. He loves this world so much and will pour out His Holy Spirit to everyone who calls on His name," he said.

In Washington DC's Bethel Presbyterian Church, one sister joining the Pentecost Retreat had not been able to attend church regularly in recent years. However at the latest Pentecost retreat "the Holy Spirit touched her heart" during a prayer meeting at the church, the minister said.

"[She] started to cry and she wasn't able to stop crying," a minister said. "She said the prayer reminded her of all her sins of today and the past. And then she saw how God forgave her sins through Jesus Christ."

The minister said it was then that she decided in her heart to live for God, committing to spend more time with God as she seeks to attend church more often.

In Atlanta, Georgia's Bethel Community Church one minister felt encouraged by the Holy Spirit to serve and give new life to the city and wherever God calls.

"It's easy to just become hardened to the sad state of the world ruled by sin, but when the Spirit is in you, you feel more bold. I'm praying that God uses us, guided by the Spirit to truly revitalize this area, and wherever he may lead us. May the Spirit support us in this mighty work the Lord has given us."

At Sophia Community Church in Des Moines, Iowa, one congregant saw the Spirit at work in the children.

"Today is really the day to receive the Holy Spirit. The proof is even the kids are dancing when the praise starts," she shared.

At New York City's Immanuel Community Church in the Bronx a minister expressed gratitude that a children's program was effective, with children participating sincerely. One message was about how the Holy Spirit can change people.

"After the message concluded, children played joyfully with abundant grace," she declared. One teacher "gave thanks to God for the good weather and the joy that the children received."

At San Francisco's Gratia Community Church, a minister declared that at a prayer meeting after the Sunday service on Pentecost "each member experienced the anointing of the Holy Spirit."

At Jubilee Community Church in St. Louis, the minister said that at a prayer time event "all the members prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit."

"Some members were moved to shed tears by the work of the Holy Spirit," the minister said. The congregants prayed for the healing of one church member.

In New York City's Immanuel Community Church, lectures touched listeners' hearts, according to a minister. At an evening prayer meeting the Holy Spirit was also poured out on congregants.

Meanwhile at Wichita's Canaan Community Church one congregant expressed being refreshed.

"The Holy Spirit renewed me and showed me the deep love of Christ toward a sinner like me," one church member said. He also said that "my responsibility is to live a life of faith and obedience like Jesus Christ so that God can use me for advancing His Kingdom."

May the Holy Spirit deeply bless the mission in the United States this Summer. May it be God who grows the faith of many in Jesus Christ.