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OTM Promotes Opening Ceremony in The Bronx, NY

OTM Promoting Outreach Classes in The Bronx, NY
(Photo : Olivet Teen Mission)

Olivet Teen Mission staff is enthusiastically promoting an Opening Ceremony for ministry activities in the Bronx, New York that is set to take place on July 1. On a recent afternoon, staff handed out flyers inviting local teens to an event they hope will be an exciting experience for participants.

The purpose of the event is to gather many teens and introduce the outreach programs that will be held at New York Immanuel Church at The Bronx, which include dance classes. Through this program, OTM hopes to gather many teens to also give them Bible study. The majority of the teens get very encouraged to come and to learn dancing techniques.

Promotion also includes flyer postings in the neighborhood in areas where teens can easily see them as they walk by. While OTM staff were posting the flyers, many adults also drew near to ask for more information about the dance classes and the event.

Play pray for the opening ceremony at The Bronx for July 1st, that many teens will come and that the dance classes could be used powerfully to bring many teens to the Bible studies.