US Ministers Review Church Planting Guidelines to Match Olivet Assembly Ministry Structure

(Photo : CC0 Public Domain)

United States church mission representatives are are reviewing guidance for establishing new churches following according to a structure that complements Olivet Assembly's churches and ministries in efforts to grow churches.

In a recent conference Olivet Assembly shared about the importance of establishing church departments and facilitating co-work with Olivet Assembly ministries.

"That structure is there for having a diversity of people in our churches," said an OA conference moderator.

Church leaders interested in how churches grow also recently received guidance showing stages of churches and mission activities, ranging from new church plants with less than 24 church members, churches with 24-70 members and churches growing beyond this to 1000 members.

"Gaining perspective of someone who has previously worked in the field and is seeking to prayerfully and diligently establish a church with active day-to-day involvement is an important way to gain insight on the needs of growing churches," said the moderator.

Ministers should be well-prepared to share the hope they have with a diverse audience, reporting and encouraging church members to work in harmony to expand the number of believers being served through their churches.

All ministers face a challenge as they turn to God prayerfully and seek his wisdom for how to turn Olivet Assembly's, vision and goals growing numbers of believers living their lives actively and faithfully for the Lord.

Please pray that church ministers may unite their hearts in the love of Jesus Christ to move forward together toward strengthening the mission of the Lord in the United States through Olivet Assembly.