OA Starts Summer Retreat Preparations, Looks Ahead to New Generation of Leadership

(Photo : OA USA)

Olivet Assembly USA began looking ahead to holding the Summer Retreats in the latter half of August and is urging today's leaders to look ahead.


Although evangelism toward Pentecost continues and the preparation to send potential candidates to Dover for  OLI  just after Pentecost, the summer retreat preparations are moving forward in in regional headquarters and local churches.

Olivet Assembly is thankful for making progress to discuss preparations for retreats across various OA regions. Good preparation for the Summer retreat period will open the way to also getting ready for the General Assembly in October and Christmas-related events as the third quarter of 2017 is set to start.


Olivet Assembly also is emphasizing the importance of advancing in the mission with establishing strong leadership in the Assembly to prepare the future generation of leaders that will guide new churches and work in key administrative roles.

"Ultimately, new leadership will prepare for Olivet Assembly to continue growing vibrantly into the future to carry out the Great Commission. Today's leaders should look forward with hope toward the time when new leaders will take hold of the direction of the Assembly," said an OA representative. "Today's leaders have a role of preparing the way for the future."

May God help the Assembly as it moves ahead for the remainder of the year and looks forward with hope for a new generations of leaders that will serve by faithfully following the Lord Jesus Christ.